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Activities around the Lake

The Upper Sûre Reservoir is not only Luxembourg's largest drinking water reservoir but in summer months also known far beyond the country's borders as a bathing paradise.

The area around the reservoir is divided into two protection zones totalling 44 km2. Zone I, stretching from the dam to the village of Lultzhausen is subject to a general ban on water sports and swimming for reasons of drinking water protection. There is a ban on building holiday apartments and sailing motor boats in Zone II between Liefrange and Insenborn. However, swimming, sailing, surfing and other water sports are allowed here.


You will find a place to unroll your bathing towel in Lultzhausen, Insenborn, Baschleiden, at the Burfelt Forest Discovery Centre and in Liefrange.

Information concerning the water quality can be checked on the website of the national water administration:


Fishermen will find the clean waters home to trout, zander, pike and roach. Fishing, however, is only allowed with a permit, available from the offices of the Nature Park municipalities or from the campsite "Im Aal".

You can also find information on the general rules here (in French)

Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Boating

Motor boats are not allowed to disturb the peace of the lake in order to protect the natural environment and drinking water. If you do not wish to swim across the lake you will have to rely on muscle, wind or solar energy (link to solar-powered boat page) for propulsion.

The underwater world holds surprises in store below the surface of the Sûre.

You can obtain more information on the use or the rental of such equipment (for groups) from the Lultzhausen water sports centre or from the Lultzhausen youth hostel.

Skiing in Winter

Cross-country skiing is possible in Harlange when the snow conditions allow it: snow line – phone +352 42 82 20.