Foundation of the grain cooperative “Käre vum Séi”

The Öewersauer Nature Park, the SEBES and the LAKU are pleased to announce that on 9 February 2021 the cooperative “Käre vum Séi” was officially founded. A total of 19 farms have joined forces under the name “Käre vum Séi” to grow wheat, spelt and rye in the region of the Öewersauer Nature Park under increased water protection standards. The cooperative has set itself the goal of protecting soil and water and marketing the grain independently. In this way, the farmers actively participate in water protection in the reservoir region and also secure fair payment. This is guaranteed by the bakery Jos & Jean-Marie – Gebäck vum Séi. Jean-Marie Neuberg, one of the managers of the bakery, has worked towards fair payment for the farmers and thus shows great respect for the agricultural work in the region.

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