The reservoir lake

The reservoir lake

The reservoir is a very popular recreational area, apart from its original functions of supplying drinking water and generating electricity. The steep and wooded slopes, which often extend right down to the shore, create a particularly natural, untouched landscape.

The region offers a diverse range of sustainable tourist and leisure activities and invites visitors to discover nature and the landscape. Explore the map to discover the activities around the reservoir lake. You can find more things to do in the Öewersauer Nature Park here.



The lake is divided into two protection zones for reasons of drinking water conservation. All leisure activities are prohibited in protection zone 1, which extends from the dam wall at Esch-sur-Sûre to Lultzhausen. In contrast, water sports are permitted in protection zone 2, as long as no motor is used.

Prohibitions in protection zone 1

Prohibitions in protection zone 2