The reservoir lake

The reservoir lake

The reservoir is a very popular recreational area, apart from its original functions of supplying drinking water and generating electricity. The steep and wooded slopes, which often extend right down to the shore, create a particularly natural, untouched landscape.

The region offers a diverse range of sustainable tourist and leisure activities and invites visitors to discover nature and the landscape. For reasons of drinking water protection, however, there are some rules and prohibitions that must be observed if you want to visit the region.

On the beaches

It is prohibited to light fires anywhere around the lake! Barbecuing on barbecues that you bring yourself and that do not leave burn marks is tolerated. Disposable barbecues are prohibited! Fixed barbecues are available on the beach “Fuussefeld”.

Listening to music on the beaches is only allowed with headphones!

Take your trash with you or dispose of it in the designated trash containers.

Wild camping is prohibited in the whole of Luxembourg – therefore also on the beaches of the reservoir.

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches around the Upper Sûre Reservoir.

The beaches may only be used between 7:00-23:00.

In the protection zones

The lake is divided into protection zones for reasons of drinking water conservation (see map below):

In the protection zone 2b, which stretches from Lultzhausen towards Belgium, recreational and water sports activities are permitted, provided no motor is used. Exceptions are the area around Pont Misère and the area behind the pre-dam of Bavigne (further information on this can be found in the respective municipal ordinances).

In the protection zones 1 and 2a, which extend from the dam dam at Esch-sur-Sûre to Lultzhausen, all recreational activities are prohibited (except for the signposted hiking trails).

You can find all the detailed information on rules of conduct, locations and parking here:
  • Protection zone 1 (direct area of water withdrawal)
  • Protection zone 2a
  • Protection zone 2b