Following The Thread

Following The Thread

17.06. – 10.09.2023

The international textile art group QuiltArt shows new textile works in Luxembourg


Eszter Bornemisza, Jette Clover, Yael David-Cohen, Fenella Davies, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma, Sue Hotchkis, Inge Hueber, Sara Impey, Cherilyn Martin, Gabi Mett, Dominie Nash, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Karina Thompson, Janet Twinn, Isabelle Wiessler, Charlotte Yde

About the exhibition

This exhibition of new work celebrates the adventurous spirit and rich heritage of women who make art through the medium of fabric and stitch. They are not only part of a long tradition, but also produce new forms of artistic expression with very individual signatures. Though many of the artists take quiltmaking techniques as their starting point, their work is extremely diverse and does not necessarily conform to the traditional definition of a quilt. Each artist is free to ‘follow the thread’ in her own way as can be seen very well once again in this exhibition. Some experiment with colour, dyeing and printing, unusual materials or three dimensions. Some works are at the cutting edge of technology, using digitally programmed embroidery or photographic techniques. Others limit themselves to fabric and thread and believe that their expressive potential is far from exhausted. All are united by a passion for fabric, stitch, colour and texture and the limitless creative and expressive possibilities of the textile surface.

About QuiltArt

The first group of its kind in Europe, Quilt Art was founded in Great Britain in 1985 to develop the quilt as an artistic medium and promote its recognition as an art form.

Quilt Art responds to the challenge of keeping the work fresh and innovative by maintaining a small but rigorously selected membership and by its international membership. The members come from Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark and the United States.

This is the first exhibition mounted by the 16 artists in Quilt Art since the pandemic. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book featuring the artworks and giving an insight into the working processes of each artist.

(Text: Sara Impey, Gabi Mett)