Compendia: In den Naturparken Luxemburgs

Compendia: In den Naturparken Luxemburgs

With financial support from the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the three Nature Parks have published interesting products for nature discoverers. In practical pocket format, the compendia are ideal companions for young and old on excursions into nature. Available in German at the Nature Parks.

Animal Compendium
The Animal Compendium uses drawings to present more than 70 species (birds, mammals, insects, molluscs, amphibians and reptiles) of the Luxembourg Nature Parks.

Plant Compendium
The Plant Compendium presents important or even unique plant communities of the Luxembourg Nature Parks and contains illustrations and detailed scenarios as well as profiles of the corresponding plant species.

Night Compendium
With its collection of nocturnal animal and plant species, the Night Compendium is a useful guide for nature lovers. With the help of photos, symbols and descriptions, 68 animal and 10 plant species are vividly presented and information about size, behaviour and specific characteristics is given. It is also practical that the animal and plant species are divided by colour according to their habitat.
This compendium was also financially supported by the Ministry of Energy and Regional Planning.

Card Game
The card game with 36 animal species can be played as Top Trumps and Old Maids. The game is aimed primarily at children from primary school age and provides interesting knowledge about the local fauna in a playful way.

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