As part of the H2Only project, the Upper Sûre Nature Park and Benu Village Esch a.s.b.l. have decided, to create a bar with the help of the local residents, in which the themes of water and textiles play a major role. The furnishings of the H2Only bar will be made exclusively from old jeans and wood.

From May 2021 to August 2022, the bar is to serve as a meeting point for various activities during the Capital of Culture Esch 2022, and will wander from Esch-sur-Sûre to Esch-Alzette.

Programme May 2021 to May 2022:

5 sewing and up-cycling workshops, called “large workshops”:

  • 1-3 days of sewing workshops, each in a village where a local festival is held.
  • Production of 20 seat cushions (for 1 person).
  • Production of 5 “Fatboy” type jeans seat cushions (size 2.5 m), which will be returned to the site at the end of the project to commemorate the project.
  • Decoration for the bar.
  • Production of furniture for the bar.
  • At each station/location: collaboration with a youth centre or local association.

15 small workshops on sewing and water (2-3h courses) as part of existing events.

  • Educational workshops about water and the lake (public, children): building a water filter, water wheels, determining the water quality of a river, etc.
  • Tasting of the different types of Luxembourg drinking water (tap water, bottled water) and bottled water.
  • Textile workshops (different techniques): knitting, upcycling, etc.

Other activities:

  • Cleaning up of the rivers Sûre and Alzette (kayaking, plogging), collection of this waste to create a “memorial” at the entrance of the bar. Stop at Thil (F), the source of the Alzette.
  • Lectures, film debate on the textile industry (relationship between water and textiles), cooperation with Caritas (“Rethink your clothes”), etc.
  • Legends, sagas, fairy tales, tales about textiles (e.g. “Des Kaisers neue Kleider”) combined with a textile workshop (cooperation with Potty Lotty). For children and families.
  • 2-3 lectures, e.g. about expressions from the world of textiles (e.g. “blo maachen”), sayings from the world of textiles, the value/role of manual labour.

If you would like to be informed about the next workshops or would like to receive further information about the project, please send an e-mail to

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