Natur Genéissen

Natur Genéissen

Mir iessen regional, bio a fair!

Agriculturally used land is not only a production site, it also provides a habitat for many animal and plant species. The type of agricultural use has a direct influence on the preservation of biodiversity. Thus, nature conservation and agriculture are inextricably linked.

This is precisely where the Natur Genéissen project comes in. Natur Genéissen awards producers who farm close to nature and protect it, promotes their products and creates a new sales market through cooperation with local canteens. In this way, Natur Genéissen connects the farms that are actively committed to the conservation of nature with the day-care centres of the participating municipalities.

But how does Natur Genéissen work exactly? Basically, we distinguish between three stakeholders: the municipalities the producers and the nature parks (together with SICONA).

The municipalities With their signature, the municipalities commit themselves to purchasing food according to certain criteria in the canteens of their day-care centres. The focus lies on regionality, seasonality and natural production methods. The promotion of organic products is also included. In this way, the municipalities not only support nature conservation and regional producers, but they also promote sustainable and healthy nutrition for their children.

The producers By complying with several well-considered criteria, which among other things contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, producers can obtain the status of Natur Genéissen producer. The participating municipalities are encouraged to buy products from these producers. In this way, the project opens new sales opportunities for producers with a natural production method.

The nature parks The nature parks (Öewersauer, Our & Mëllerdall) are constantly working on the further development and optimisation of the project. Together with SICONA and in exchange with the agricultural producers as well as experts from the food sector/food industry, the requirements for the production and the day-care centres in the municipalities are constantly being refined. But the nature parks do not only demand, but they also advise both the producers and the municipalities on how to comply with the established requirements.

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