Products from the three luxembourgish Nature Parks

Products from the three luxembourgish Nature Parks

Müllerthal, Our, Upper Sûre: Just as the regions of the 3 Nature Parks are different, so are their landscapes, characteristics and tastes different.

What we share is an important concern to promote the development and marketing of regional products and to strengthen exchanges between the actors – producers, restaurateurs, retailers and consumers.

Apart from increasing regional value creation, it’s short transport distances that speak in favour of products from the region. Further added value can be created by preserving the cultivated landscape and traditional crafts. Regional products thus link the local economy, nature, the landscape and crafts with each other.

For these reasons, the nature parks would like to take on the important role of supporting regional producers in their work and making their products known beyond the borders of the nature parks as well. These treasures should not be hidden from consumers, but find their way into local households and be a delight for our guests.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be pleased to assist you.

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