“Vum Séi” Products

“Vum Séi” Products

The Öewersauer Nature Park supports the creation of an attractive living environment for the people who live and work here. For years, farmers and producers have therefore been encouraged to produce as naturally and as innovatively as possible and to conserve natural resources such as water and energy. The product designation “vum Séi” (from the lake) originated from this philosophy. It stands for high-quality products from the Nature Park. The producers have set themselves guidelines for drinking water conservation, species-appropriate animal husbandry and reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers.

“Vum Séi” also means:

  • The products are produced sustainably while conserving natural resources – particularly drinking water.
  • The products are based on typical raw materials from the Upper Sûre region.
  • The products are carefully crafted by hand to achieve the highest possible quality and to preserve the specific characteristics of our raw materials.
  • The products are produced and processed verifiably and transparently.
  • The products are made in a cooperative and fair exchange with partners in and outside the region.

Téi vum Séi: Tea, medicinal and aromatic herbs

Cultivation, processing and marketing of medicinal and aromatic herbs by the “Kraidergenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer” (since 1992). All production steps (cutting, drying, sorting, testing, threshing, labelling and finally intermediate storage) take place in the facilities in Schleif (Winseler). Main guidelines: cultivation without chemical fertilizer or plant protection products, species-specific cultivation, general cultivation care of all herbs. No flavourings, colourings, preservatives or additives are used. Products: about 40 varieties of tea and herb products loose, in tea bags and small cans, each in different packaging sizes.

31, Schleef L-9654 Schleif / T: (+352) 26 95 30 72

Bléi vum Séi: Soaps, cosmetics, sweets

Development, production and marketing of artisanal, plant-based products, in particular soaps and cosmetics, by Bléi vum Séi (since 2004). Main guidelines: products without chemical preservatives or artificial colourings, exclusively natural flavourings, regular quality controls. Particular importance is attached to bacterial analysis. Products: Loumellen (tan sweets), care oils and creams, etc. A production plant and small shop with all regional products in Noertringen.

16, Op der Louh L-9676 Noertringen / T: (+352) 95 97 44

Käre vum Séi: Bread cereals

Cultivation of cereals (wheat, spelt and rye) in the Upper Sûre reservoir region. 2021: Foundation of the cooperative “Käre vum Séi” with 20 farmers. Bread grain is cultivated under water conservation conditions on around 170 ha, and the trend is rising. In particular, the use of nitrogen and pesticides as well as soil cultivation are severely restricted for water conservation reasons. This means more work for the farmers, which is rewarded by a fair price for the flour.

Marketing: so far exclusively with „Gebäck vum Séi

Gebäck vum Séi: Bread and pastries

Production of bread based on regional products by the Jos a Jean-Marie bakery (since 2007). Main guidelines: “vum Séi” pastries are produced on the basis of wheat, spelt, rye and regional products. The majority of the ingredients of other types of pastry come from guaranteed Luxembourg production. Products: various types of bread and bakery products, including spelt-based products. “vum Séi” pastries in Heiderscheid, production plant in Mertzig and 17 sales outlets.

4, Zone Industrielle L-9166 Mertzig / T: (+352) 88 92 86

Duch vum Séi: Fabric from the former cloth factory

In the cloth factory, a museum about the former cloth weaving industry, fabric made of pure virgin wool is still produced on the old machines. This high-quality cloth is used to make blankets, scarves and ponchos, as well as toilet bags, bags and key rings. The products are made in small series and are therefore unique.

15, rue de Lultzhausen L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre / T: (+352) 89 93 31 1

Business centre for regional products and other goods in daily use. Products: “vum Séi” products, ordinary household articles, products from other regions of the country, e.g. from the Our Nature Park, Miseler Land and Müllethal. The “Buttik vum Séi” also houses the “vum Séi” butcher’s, offers the “vum Séi” pastries and the beer “Den Heischter” brewed in the Öewersauer Naturpark.

4, am Clemensbongert L-9158 Heiderscheid / T: (+352) 26 88 95 15

Meat products and butcher’s shop

Breeding of livestock born in the Öewersauer Nature Park region (mainly calves and cattle) by the “vum Séi farmers”, further processing into various meat products, marketing from the farm and butcher’s shop (since 1996). Main guidelines: species- and environmentally-compatible animal husbandry, environmentally-friendly and water-saving cultivation of the fields, compliance with feed regulations.

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