Partnership: Mir sinn Uewen mam Naturpark

Partners of the Our and Öewersauer nature parks share the vision of strengthening the sustainable development of the region by taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects while safeguarding the natural, cultural and intangible heritage.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the region, it is essential to build diverse partnerships with local actors. Already in the past, the nature parks have cooperated with numerous actors. This cooperation is now to be formalised and deepened through partnership agreements.

The partnership provides the framework for promoting the joint implementation of the nature park objectives in the Éislek region and acknowledges companies, producers, organisations/associations, educational institutions and private individuals who contribute to the achievement of the nature park objectives, communicate the nature park philosophy to guests and customers (“nature park ambassadors”) and actively participate in the collaborative network. In return, the partner receives a high-profile confirmation of its commitment to the sustainable development of the region with its designation “Mir sinn uewen mam Naturpark”.

The recognition enables partners to strengthen their local anchoring and networking and to highlight the quality of their company or institution, to benefit from additional visibility and thus to contribute to the valorisation of the region.

Would you like to join the partner network of the Öewersauer Nature Park? Then write an e-mail to . We will be happy to inform you about the aims, benefits, criteria and obligations of the partnership programme.