Plantation of hedges and trees

Plantation of hedges and trees

Over centuries the landscape was defined by hedges and trees. Typical for the Éislek were hawthorn hedges around pastures and orchards around the towns.

But hedges and trees are endangered because e.g. parcels of land are being merged, streets and paths are being broadened, more and more buildings are constructed and because they become naturally obsolescent. Nonetheless, we all can do something to protect nature. Why not plant hedges or broadleaf and fruit trees?

It is with this idea that the Öewersauer Nature Park started, together with the member municipalities, a program to plant new hedges and trees every year. During late summer all interested inhabitants of the nature park are asked to submit their plantation projects in green areas. Together with the staff of the nature park the projects are being planned and one centralized order of plants is being placed. People receive the plants free of charge but they need to carry out the plantation job themselves.

Furthermore the plantation of new hedges and trees inside the construction perimeter is supported. In this case the nature park covers half of the costs.

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