Digitally through the Natur Park

Digitally through the Natur Park

The Legends Circuit – Wiltz, Winseler, Heiderscheidergrund, Burfelt Büderscheid, Boulaide, Roodt

Discover seven legend sites of the Öewersauer Nature Park with the Éislek app. While you explore the surroundings, you can listen to the matching legend via the app. Available in DE, FR, EN, NL.

You can download the app free of charge.

Audio-Guide: Mysteries of Esch-sur-Sûre (DE, FR, EN, NL)

Discover, via app, the eerie and spooky world around Esch-sur-Sûre, with the castle ruins dating back to 927 and the legends and tales that have been retold from generation to generation. This interactive sound experience allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious past and present of the small town. At the same time, you will get to know the cultural and natural sights, such as the Loch Chapel, the ring wall, the rock staircase, the castle garden, etc.

You can download the app free of charge

Natur Pur? – Hike

Walk this beautiful and varied trail of 7km with the Éislek app and watch short video clips along the way. At nine informative stations, forester Serge Hermes gives explanations about the landscape, flora and fauna, land use, etc.(in Luxembourgish)

You can download the app free of charge

Digital photography-workshop (LU)

Photographer Caroline Martin explains the most important functions and settings of a camera in 6 short films and gives you tips on how to take the perfect photo .

Digital workshop: Drawing (in) Nature (FR)

Nature serves as inspiration to give free rein to your own imagination. In the four thematic short films, artist Alan Johnsten helps you to successfully capture impressions from nature and bring them to paper.

Mindfulness training (LU)

In this series, Berenice Boxler explains how you can use mindfulness to become more aware of your everyday life and give your body and mind a break from the countless impressions of the day.