Due to blue algae, all water sports, including swimming and fishing, are prohibited in the Upper Sûre Reservoir with immediate effect. Please contact us for more information.

Nature Park Safari 2021

3 nature parks – 2 months – 1.000 species

15 July – 15 September

Help us find more than 1,000 species in the 3 Nature Parks of Luxembourg in 2 months.

You too can support the Citizen Science project of the three Luxembourg Nature Parks. Get to know and better understand your natural environment and contribute to science at the same time. As a Citizen Scientist, collect, create and share useful data and help scientists better understand when and where creatures occur.

Every observation, from the rarest insect to the most common wild weed, can contribute to biodiversity research. With the help of iNaturalist, a global online social network based on crowdsourcing observations and determinations, you share your observations with naturalists, citizen scientists as well as biologists and contribute to the collection of important data.

All you need to do is observe. iNaturalist can be accessed via its website ( or via its mobile apps (iOS/Android).

Thank you for your assistance. The status of the Challenge can be viewed at any time in the iNaturalist project “NATURE PARK SAFARI Luxembourg 2021”.

iNaturalist Challenge „Insekteräich Naturparken“

Starting signal for the iNaturalist Challenge “Insekteräich Naturparken”. As part of their project “D’Naturparken zu Lëtzebuerg – (een) Insekteräich”, the two Éislek Nature parks Öewersauer and Our as well as the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall are calling on interested people to take part in the challenge.

From 3 July to 3 October 2021, as many insect species as possible should be photographed in the nature parks and the pictures then uploaded to the iNaturalist platform.

Link to the campaign:

iNaturalist can be accessed via its website ( or via its mobile apps (iOS/Android).

WaterWalls Festival

WaterWalls is the first cultural festival based on ‘cradle-to-cradle’ principles. Organised as a biennial event from 2021, it will be held in Esch-sur-Sûre from July 17th  to  September 25th.

Throughout the summer, contemporary artistic creations in the vicinity of the four dams downstream of the Grand Barrage and a fifth one along the Sûre valley will provide the setting for performances, concerts, sound experiments or even conferences and debates along a remarkable landscape.

The theme of this first edition, “Natural Borders”, invites reflection on the borders between original and artificial nature, and lends itself to numerous metaphors and questions about flows, currents, technologies, the limits of nature and human intervention, and the consequences of these other borders created by the dam. The WaterWalls festival is thus an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues through artistic, playful, participatory and educational approaches.

The WaterWalls festival aims to propose a contemporary total work of art which aims to raise awareness among all audiences about artistic production and its aspects of cultural consumption. In order to respond to this approach, artists were invited to create or co-create in eco-design, taking into account sustainability and circular economy criteria in their approach.

You will thus be able to discover 5 artistic and scenic installations whose design and expression conform as closely as possible to the “3Rs” strategy: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The performances and activities that take place throughout the summer are intended for all audiences.

The selected artists and projects are :

  • YO studio and Lagerkultur: “STAU
  • Justine Blau and Stéphane Ghislain Roussel : “Ressac|re
  • MAD TRIX : “Nénuphars” (stART-up Prize)
  • Serge Ecker and Giacomo Piovan : “Floating Pixel
  • Marco Godinho and Fábio Godinho: “Offrir quelques mots à la rive”

Programme and Ticketin:


Bathing season on the Upper-Sûre lake

From Saturday 22 May, the booking system will be in place until the end of the bathing season. Online reservations can be made free of charge from 20 May via or the Éislek app. While in 2020 visitors only had to make reservations on weekends and public holidays, reservations are now mandatory on weekdays as well. Those who have already booked their tickets and then are unable to visit the booked beach area, should cancel their reservations by sending an email to Activities during which visitors do not stay on the beaches are excluded from booking. Accordingly, visitors do not need to make a reservation if they want to hike along the reservoir or go kayaking or fishing on the lake, for example. The current hygienic measures also apply when visiting the Upper-Sûre lake. Thus, a distance of at least 2 metres from other visitors must be maintained and when more than 4 people are gathered, the wearing of a mask is obligatory. The wearing of a mask and the physical distance of at least 2 metres do not apply to people who belong to the same household or who live together. Children under 6 years of age and persons with a disability or pathology who are in possession of an appropriate medical certificate are excluded from the mask obligation and the distance rule as well.

New season for the Stauséi-Shuttle

Bus line 690 – Stauséi-Shuttle starts its round trip around the lake again on 09.05.

In the morning to the Cloth Factory in Esch-sur-Sûre, then hiking in the direction of Kaundorf and finally conclude your trip at Houfels? And where to park the car? At home, because with the Stauséi-Shuttle you can easily explore many attractive destinations around the reservoir without having to worry about how to get there or back to your car. The shuttle runs hourly in both directions around the reservoir. At the start of the shuttle in May until June, there will unfortunately be an increase in journey time of approx. 15 minutes in both directions between the stops ARSDORF, Misärsbreck (Parking) and BOULAIDE, Post Office, due to the roadworks at Pont-Misère.

Go und finden Sie ganz bequem Ihren passenden Reiseplan.


Natura 2000 sites play a significant role in the protection of water resources and wetlands. In the framework of the World Water Day on 22 March, the two nature parks Öewersauer and Our, together with the nature conservation centre Burfelt of the nature agency, therefore invite you to explore the Natura 2000 sites of the Luxembourg Ardennes – on 12 selected hiking trails – by yourself.

All trails in digital form on

Living joints around your house

Increase the biodiversity around your house by greening the joints between paving stones, pavement slabs or clinker bricks! The 3 Luxembourg Nature Parks provide a sample pack of 5 g “joint mixture” free of charge to interested participants. It is a seed mixture with small and drought-tolerant species that can easily be swept into the joints.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail with your name and address.

Foundation of the grain cooperative “Käre vum Séi”

The Öewersauer Nature Park, the SEBES and the LAKU are pleased to announce that on 9 February 2021 the cooperative “Käre vum Séi” was officially founded. A total of 19 farms have joined forces under the name “Käre vum Séi” to grow wheat, spelt and rye in the region of the Öewersauer Nature Park under increased water protection standards. The cooperative has set itself the goal of protecting soil and water and marketing the grain independently. In this way, the farmers actively participate in water protection in the reservoir region and also secure fair payment. This is guaranteed by the bakery Jos & Jean-Marie – Gebäck vum Séi. Jean-Marie Neuberg, one of the managers of the bakery, has worked towards fair payment for the farmers and thus shows great respect for the agricultural work in the region.

Links/downloads :

“Loscht op Natur – Swallows” and “Swallows in the nature park”

The biological Station of the Naturpark has edited a new information sheet on the theme of “Swallows”. It treats their biology and the protection possibilities.

To support the house martins in the nature park of the Upper Sûre, we offer to install articial nests and droppings boards on the houses of interested inhabitants of our communes. The nests and the boards will be cleaned during the following years, one time per year, by the nature park.

As the artificial nests should be installed this winter/ early spring, the interested participants should contact us until the 15th of February 2021 by email (ecology@naturpark-sure).

The Éislek on its way to becoming the FIRST Leading Hiking Region

The marking has begun!
The Éislek offers ideal conditions for becoming one of the top hiking regions in Europe, which is exactly what the Regional Tourism Board Éislek is working towards within the framework of the LEADER project “Qualitéitswanderregioun Éislek”. After intensive coordination with the partners of the region, the planning work has been completed so far and the infrastructural work on the hiking trails has begun. The intention is to strengthen the region even more and to increase the hiking experience for locals as well as for guests.

For more information, see the Dossier de Presse from the Office régional de Tourisme Éislek: