Contest – Insekteräich Virgäertercher

Win the redesign and implementation of your gravel garden and transform it into a close-to-nature insect kingdom that is easy to maintain with the help of the nature park. Simply fill in the form below to complete your application.

Participation deadline is 31.07.2022

If you have any questions, contact your nature park:

Naturpark Öewersauer: Tél.: 89 93 31 – 1,
Naturpark Our: Tél.: 90 81 88 – 1,
Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall: Tél.: 26 87 82 91 – 1,

Stauséi-Navette (155)

Take the Stauséi Navette (Line 155) now to travel around the Upper Sûre reservoir. You can get on and off at 20 stops around the lake 7 days a week. Are you on holiday in the region and would like to go for a relaxing hike? Then you can now hike sections of the Circuit du Lac and the Stauséi-Navette will take you comfortably back to the starting point. Here you can see the route and the departure times.

Éislek on its way to become the FIRST “Leading Hiking Region”

The marking has begun!
The Éislek offers ideal conditions for becoming one of the top hiking regions in Europe, which is exactly what the Regional Tourism Board Éislek is working towards within the framework of the LEADER project “Qualitéitswanderregioun Éislek”. After intensive coordination with the partners of the region, the planning work has been completed so far and the infrastructural work on the hiking trails has begun. The intention is to strengthen the region even more and to increase the hiking experience for locals as well as for guests.

For more information, see the Dossier de Presse from the Office régional de Tourisme Éislek: